At Fire Builders, We Are Amazing At One Thing:
At Fire Builders, We Are Amazing At One Thing:
Helping People Stop Procrastinating
& Start Taking Action
Read on if you'd like to begin to win.
Read on if you'd like to begin to win.
Introducing Fire Builders.

A 30-Day, Personalized, interactive Support System
Designed With one goal:  to Help you Get Things Done
How Does It Work?
You invest.
There are 2 ways.  Either a monthly fee, or our "collateral" system where you win back your investment.
You choose.
We'll help you choose one 30-day goal and small daily goals, then support you everyday throughout all 30 days
You Act.
Each day, you write your goal for the next day, accomplish it, and tell us about it. 
You Win.
Your small daily tasks add up. You begin to gain momentum. You begin to win.
Get More Done In The Next 30 Days.
“The Firebuilders program is easy and empowering.”
“I'm a busy woman but do not usually join accountability groups; yet I would do this one over and over again in a heartbeat.

I already have 3 more goals I want to try it on :D”
-- Mercedes P,  New York City
Delightfully hit her 30-day only 20 days.
Want A Taste Of What The Program Will Be Like?
Here's what people all over the world are achieving everyday with Fire Builders.
Frequently Asked Questions
 I'm horrible with structure and need this in my life.  But what exactly do I have to do everyday?
It's simple.  Everyday you'll be responsible for telling us the answers to 3 short questions.  1) What is the one thing you'll do tomorrow?  2) What did you do today?  And 3) If you didn't do what you said you would, explain why.  

That's it.  And that form must be submitted before midnight in your time zone.
 How do I "win" my investment back?  
We keep meticulous track of your goals through your daily 'tracker' form.  Submit your form, you earn that day's investment back.  All money earned will be returned at the end of your 30 days.
 What are some examples of 30-day goals?
Sometimes for parents, it's been "spend 30 more hours with my children this month" - so they work on spending an extra hour per day with their kids. 
For writers, it's been "write 12,000 words this month."  
For online coaches, it's been "write, shoot and edit 4 new modules for a video course."  
Or for people who just want to get healthier and feel better, it's been "Lose 15 lbs this month."  

So it completely depends on you.  But we have a nifty little PDF that walks you through the process and gives you some more good examples.
 How do I participate for the next 30 days?
There are 2 ways to participate. 

The first is a flat monthly fee.  It's $97 for 30 days.

The second way is more fun.  It's our 'collateral - reward' system.  This is when you pay an initial $300, then win that back over the next 30 days.  

It's up to you how you want to join!
 What happens to my investment money if I miss a day?
It goes right back into funding this program so that others can achieve their dreams as well.  Think of it as paying it forward.
 How do I keep track of my progress?
You don't have to...we'll do it for you!  

For full transparency, there is a 'scorecard' in our private Facebook group that is updated daily.  It will display everyone participating and how much they've won back so far.   So you can see how you stack up.
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